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Make the Right Decisions for Yourself

24 Mar

Call me crazy, but sometimes the hardest person to be is yourself. I recently received an email from someone who had read this post and they wanted to share their personal Golden Rule: “never eat something to make someone else happy.” This is so important, and really could be taken even further. When it comes to health, fitness and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, you need to make the right decisions for yourself.

Don’t eat something you don’t want to just because it takes more effort to explain why you’re turning it down, you will regret it. Don’t skip a workout just because your friends make you feel guilty, its not worth it. Resolve to do what you need to do. You will be empowered by your own commitment and this will make these moments easier. Overtime people will roll their eyes less and stop hassling you. You will be happier and stronger, and they will support you more.


The Little Things

19 Mar

Sometimes it’s just the little things that make such a difference. I saw this on the sidewalk on my way to work in the morning and it had an affect on me. Something small and insignificant, something that other people probably just walked right over – I noticed it, I appreciated it, and it meant something to me. photo (28)

I have learned so many things in the last four years: about being healthy, about sacrifice, about self-respect and also about my relationships with other people and my surroundings. It isn’t always easy but the little things can really help.

My Golden Rule

6 Mar

I’m not really one for the all or nothing mentality. Sure, I have been successful by setting some limits but I have always tried not to completely restrict anything. This always backfires. However, there is one exception and I want to share it because it has proved surprisingly helpful. My golden rule: no food in bed.

This actually came about as a New Years resolution for 2011, and is probably the first and only one I have ever kept. I used to wake up on weekend mornings, scurry around to make breakfast, and then jump right back into bed to eat and catch up on TV shows. I was eating mindlessly, and recklessly.

It wasn’t just that I didn’t pay attention to what I ate since I was distracted, but I associated my bed with food. I woke up every morning starving and went to bed each night thinking about food. It led to a lot of bad eating habits.

Breaking this mentality made a huge difference for me; it is the only rule I have willingly kept up with and really benefitted from. And on those nights when I’m stressed or just mindlessly late night munching, I hop into bed and the urge to snack just goes away since the association has been broken!

Monday is a Working Day

4 Mar

I played rugby in college (definitely more on that later!) and this is the opening line to one of the ritual songs. It was one of our favorites and always helped motivate the team. All day today it ran like a mantra in my head: “Monday is a Working Day.” 

Winter sucks but Spring is not too far off – no more excuses that it’s too cold to run outside, no more baggy sweaters to hide holiday weight gain. I have resolved to get back on track. Today, Monday, is a great day to get back to work

ImageMondays can be brutal so a little preparation makes a big difference. Breakfast, snacks and lunch to get me through a day at the office! And a run after work was the perfect way to end the day – it helps me unwind, and is the best way to kick start the week.

 For me ups and downs have always been a part of my weight loss. I have to remember to stay positive, which can be hard, but I have come so far and accomplished so much and that doesn’t go away if I gain a few pounds back. Is everybody happy? You bet your ass we are.

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