My Golden Rule

6 Mar

I’m not really one for the all or nothing mentality. Sure, I have been successful by setting some limits but I have always tried not to completely restrict anything. This always backfires. However, there is one exception and I want to share it because it has proved surprisingly helpful. My golden rule: no food in bed.

This actually came about as a New Years resolution for 2011, and is probably the first and only one I have ever kept. I used to wake up on weekend mornings, scurry around to make breakfast, and then jump right back into bed to eat and catch up on TV shows. I was eating mindlessly, and recklessly.

It wasn’t just that I didn’t pay attention to what I ate since I was distracted, but I associated my bed with food. I woke up every morning starving and went to bed each night thinking about food. It led to a lot of bad eating habits.

Breaking this mentality made a huge difference for me; it is the only rule I have willingly kept up with and really benefitted from. And on those nights when I’m stressed or just mindlessly late night munching, I hop into bed and the urge to snack just goes away since the association has been broken!


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